Our Pastor.

Pastor Solomon Adair

Since his youth, Solomon Adair has always been a person who loves the Lord and His people. At the young age of 16, he accepted his calling to preach the gospel of Christ and has wholeheartedly done so for the Lord since 2001. If you were looking for him outside of school or work, you wouldn’t find him at parties or the other normal hang outs of the average high school student. Instead, Solomon chose to conduct Bible studies and preach at youth conferences. This carried on in college as well where he played an influential role in conducting revivals and Bible studies both on the college campus and in his 620 square foot apartment. Little did he know, what God was sending him through would be training for ministry on a much larger scale.

While preaching the gospel everywhere he could, Solomon slowed down enough to meet his high school sweetheart and future wife, Elisabeth, who has become his trusted partner in ministry and life. In 2007 the Lord led them to leave “thy kindred” and move to a place that neither of them had lived before, Arlington Texas! It was there that the Lord began to reveal unto them what His specific purpose was for their lives and at the beginning of 2011 they began Inspired To Live Ministries. Pastor Solomon Adair’s mission is “To challenge men and women in Christ to realize, embrace, and live in the purpose the Lord has specifically for them!”

Pastor Solomon Adair has proven to be a man of strong spiritual character and insight. Nothing motivates him more than the saving of lost souls and seeing the effect of Christ in the lives of His people. His humble personality, alongside his passionate intensity, makes him one who is never afraid nor hesitant to pour himself out to someone else and win souls for the Kingdom of God. His own self-created quote sums up who he is: “No matter if it’s one soul I’m in front of or ten thousand, I will always give them everything I got! I won’t hold back!”